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We're committed to helping residential rental property owners  receive the coverage they need!


We are a protected cell captive insurance company.  As a licensed and regulated insurer, we must maintain much of the structural requirements including capital, surplus, reporting, and management as any other insurer however, we only insure risk of our own members which we refer to as participants.  We transfer, or syndicate much of our bond risk to A.M. Best A (Excellent) or better rated companies who specialize in reinsuring commercial,  and contract surety. The benefit of the protected cell captive structure is that the business is legally segregated and protected from any other risk.

About us


Rentalis Insurance Company was formed as part of an ongoing captive insurance strategy that our company identified as an underserved non-standard segment of rental income contract surety market in the North American residential rental property sector, and launched a dedicated program to serve this market. 

In the United States  there are over 48 million rental properties owned by mom-and-pop landlords and active/institutional investors. Concentration of ownership is broken down into three primary groups with mom-and-pops owning approximately 24 millions rental units, active investors owning approximately 14.4 million rental units and professional/institutional investors owning approximately 9.6 million rental units. The estimated total annual rent paid in the United States is in excess of $665 billion.

Despite significant rental income protection product penetration in other highly developed European and Pan-Pacific markets, Rentalis recognized that there are limited rental income protection programs for mom-and-pop landlords, active investors and  pre-construction new build developers.

Rentalis is the only eligible captive insurance group offering our participants and members rental income contract bonds.


We underwrite management, not just credit.

We anticipate challenges and mitigate liabilities to all parties.

We understand that risk management is more than checking boxes.



We understand that underwriting is a complex and often burdensome task for residential contractors and property owners to understand and the requirements can seem onerous. Our underwriters have been in the property management and residential property leasing industry themselves and do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to evaluating a property. Through our hands-on approach, the use of proprietary risk analysis models, and ongoing project oversight we want our participants to build a partnership with our underwriting team based on trust, mentoring, and shared enthusiasm for the industry.


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